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  The Mission:  To provide a focus for all things Joshua Slocum and the Spray sail boat design.

Joshua Slocum was the first man to circumnavigate the world alone (1895 - 1898) in an 11 metre sailing craft - the "Spray", which he rebuilt himself.

The Slocum Spray Society aims to attract owners of Spray sail-boats, and anyone who is a fan of the Spray design, and previous owners and builders.  The Society will also provide a register of Sprays around the world - and their histories, as much as is possible. It replaces the Slocum Spray Owners Group and takes up where the Slocum Spray Society of Australia Inc. left off.

The Spray design includes Marconi sloop, cutter, ketch, schooner, Junk and Gaff rigs. They are constructed of steel, fibreglass (GRP), and wood. Most Sprays have been constructed to Bruce Roberts plans, and include Spray 22, Spray 27, Spray 28, Spray 33, Spray 36, Spray 40, and many variations of these. Several have been built in timber based on the original lines provided in Joshua Slocum's book "Sailing Alone Around the World" and adapted by many, including Ken Slack in his book "In the Wake of the Spray".

As a key element, this site will feature photos and stories of cruises undertaken by or involving Slocum Sprays. 

Any Spray owner may list their Spray for sale for no charge, with certain conditions (see Sprays for Sale page for more details).

Another important aim is to bring together articles, about Joshua Slocum - his life, his voyages, and his spirit of adventure.

To summarise the aims of the Society:

  • to provide a virtual meeting-place for Spray owners and enthusiasts;

  • to publish cruising stories and photos with a Spray topic on this site;

  • to publish news and information from members regarding Spray or Slocum related topics;

  • to provide a focus for all things relating to the Spray design;

  • to research Joshua Slocum's life and voyages;

  • to provide a free "for sale" facility for Spray owners; and

  • to create a register of Sprays around the world.

NOTE: 1  A Slocum Spray is one based on the original lines of Joshua Slocum's "Spray", and includes derivatives such as Bruce Roberts-Goodson's and Paul Fay's designs.

NOTE: 2  The Slocum Spray Society is not an organisation or club, and it does not have elected officers or a constitution. It does not conduct meetings, or coordinate any on- or off-water activities. Nor does the Society solicit membership fees or donations.

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Joshua Slocum and his "Spray"

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