The Slocum Spray Society

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Sadly, the Slocum Spray Society of Australia Inc. was un-incorporated in 2012.



We are still in existence as The Slocum Spray Society.

So please send in your Spray related stories and photos.

  Check out the International Spray List page. Your Spray might be there! 

If you know of any Sprays not on the list, please send details, with photograph to
sprayahoy (at)

Spray, Ahoy!

Your members might be interested to follow the re-enactment of Joshua Slocum's solo circumnavigation that I'm developing for the web. A 3D model of the Spray is animated to follow the yacht's track while Slocum's book is presented as full text and audio. It runs in the Google Earth plug-in and can be found at:
...and there's a blog people can follow that announces each addition to the presentation. This is at:
So far, I'm up to Chapter VI and that provides over 2 hours 20 minutes of animation and audio. I estimate there will be more than 8 hours when it's finished. I'm working hard to add new sections of the voyage at regular intervals. Please take a look and let me know what you think.
Best wishes,
Colin Hazlehurst

Oh, my .....

Now how am I going to get her out of this?  Steel Spray 33 Falmari high and dry in a sugar-cane field near Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia after the floods in late January 2013.

Trust a Spray to stay so elegant in such circumstances.

Falmari before flood

Falmari after flood (click to enlarge)

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